Kisobaka – “It Is Possible”

Meet Agnes and Berna. For these girls and so many others in Uganda, life is punctured with hardships. But you would never guess that looking at their two beaming faces. These Holy Trinity School students have missed out on hours of class because their labor was needed for water-fetching. This meant back and forth trips between a spring and the school, packing heavy-laden Jerry cans and buckets. It also meant exposure to swarms of malaria-bearing mosquitos breeding in that stagnant spring; and suffering numerous bouts of resulting illness.

Every drop of water used by 400 students and teachers at Holy Trinity- for drinking, cooking or washing- had to be hand-carried. And, every drop used for bathing by the 300 or so boarders (those residing at the school overnight) was also hand-carried. But now those days are over!

On January 10, 2020 fresh beautiful water began flowing for the first time at the turn of a faucet, from taps on the school premises. There have been no cases of malaria or typhoid at the school in the last year, and the days of arduous water-carrying are past. Agnes and Berna can run back to class!

Thanks to five years of effort from Engineers without Borders from Carroll College, whose professional engineer-mentors and students have worked heart and mind and hand with local Villagers: Agnes and Berna (and a lot of other people) are now grinning from ear to ear! And thanks, too, to Father Julius, without whose vision, prayers and ceaseless labors none of would be. And, to all you faithful donors, who have prayed and given: thank you for collaborating with Our Lord and with so many others. Together, we’ve made this miracle possible.